I'm Michelle,
and I'm delighted your here

Michelle Kennedy

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach from Mayo, Ireland.

I’m absolutely delighted to welcome you to the Healthclass website. Since 2015 I’ve been helping people improve their health, nutrition and wellness. I offer all of my services online so you can access them from from any location.

My approach to healthy living is supportive, stress-free and sustainable. As we work together I’ll provide professional guidance and evidence-based strategies to help you succeed in reaching your health related goals. I will support you every step of the way as we explore your options and create a plan that fits perfectly into your current lifestyle.

I am also a certified yoga teacher so I can help you develop well-being practices such as meditation and breathwork to lower stress and promote relaxation.

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Health and Nutrition Coach

Specialising in Fitness
for Beginners

One to One Coaching and
Online Courses available


ACE Certified Health Coach, ACE Behavior Change Specialist, PN Nutrition Coach, ACE & QQI Personal Trainer along with other Certifications 

What is Healthclass?

Healthclass is the online space I have created to help you live a healthier life. I have brought all my experience together to create a variety of programs that will help you reach your health, fitness and wellness goals. 

You can access the Healthclass Members Area for free. Simply click the purple Members Area button at the bottom of the page to create a free account.

Once your inside the Members Area you’ll be able to learn more about my One to One Coaching service, The Healthclass First Steps for Exercise program, my Health and Happiness Course, and you’ll gain access to the free resources that I have available for you.

"The purpose of Healthclass is to help you elevate your health and wellness to a new level. I'll help you navigate healthy eating in a way that's simple and stress free while also helping you develop a movement routine that suits your unique lifestyle. I've loved every minute of creating my courses and programs and I can't wait for you to benefit from them."
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